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Proudly serving CRNAs and their families since 1998.

Navigating wisely through the process of buying disability insurance requires access to a team of highly experienced and objective advisors who know you and your circumstances well enough to help you make intelligent choices about which coverage is best for you.  And because we've worked 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with CRNAs since 1998, we have a broad understanding of the profession and its impact on CRNAs, their families, and their futures.

Now there's MORE.  Much MORE!

Connect with us today and let us help you get the type of disability coverage you deserve.  Locked in premium rates, guaranteed renewable coverage, and a host of options which allow us to tailor a policy to you and your specific needs … all from a dedicated team of advisors who thousands of CRNAs have trusted for over 20 years!

We're making great progress on the development of our brand new online platform, so watch your email for more details on that soon.  In the meantime, please connect with us if we can answer any questions for you or provide you with a tailored proposal for disability coverage.  We're here to serve you!  1-800-528-4619, every business day from 9 – 5 CST, or you can email us anytime at our emails below.

Meet the Team


Rich McDonnell

Master of all things IT
Mathematics Aficionado
Sports Junkie
Vegetable Gardener

Rich's favorite part of his job is spending time helping clients.  Rich has earned a reputation as being highly knowledgeable about all things related to disability insurance, yet he has created a way to communicate the complexities of the coverage in very simple terms - so each client gets very tailored, objective, and practical advice.  His deep understanding of the countless factors that impact the decision to have disability insurance as a part of a smart financial plan make him an invaluable advisor for clients who turn to him for guidance.

Rich has been in the insurance industry since 1992 and brings a depth of experience in helping develop a variety of insurance programs designed to meet the very specific needs of the clients we're privileged to have.  Rich's expertise also includes database system design, programming intelligence, database marketing, underwriting, policy development, claims, finance, audits, employee training, and customer experience development.


Kim Arnold

Black Diamond Snow Skier
Costume Designer
Education Advocate
Flower and Garden Enthusiast
Lover of Theater

Kim enjoys helping our clients carefully walk through the process of buying insurance, so the experience is both efficient and pleasant.  For some clients, disability coverage is a brand new subject, and for some it's something they're already very familiar with - so Kim makes sure that each client gets the information, education, and personalized advice they need to make wise choices about their coverage.

Kim also works with our insurance partners to help develop the types of practical, affordable insurance products our clients want and need.  Kim has been in the insurance business since 1985, and has developed expertise in areas including finance, accounting, compliance, audits, and customer experience development.


Kim Taylor

Ocean Lover
Old Movie Buff
Camping Enthusiast
Two-team Favorite Baseball Fan
Aspiring Traveler

Kim spends much of her time talking with clients and helping them maintain their coverage with benefits and provisions designed for exactly where they need to be over time, particularly as each client's needs evolve - such as when there are changes in jobs, family, income, and more.  Kim uses our exclusive client service platforms to provide continuous, personalized oversight of each client's coverage.

In the industry since 2011, Kim has developed key roles including underwriting, claims, client relations, policy management, and customer experience development.  Her responsibilities include oversight of all claims-related initiatives that drive Princeton's critical goal of providing extraordinary and measurably warm care to those who file claims.  In addition, Kim helps manage client services, insurance partner relationships, and focuses on program growth and innovation.

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